FIXD Car Health Monitor
FIXD Prevents Expensive Car Repairs
Diagnose 7,000+ Car Problems With Your Smartphone
FIXD Car Health Monitor
FIXD Prevents Expensive Car Repairs
Diagnose 7,000+ car problems with your smartphone
Diagnose Your Check Engine Light
FIXD translates error codes into simple, understandable terms — right from your smartphone.
  •  Quickly see severity of car problems
  •  See exactly why your 'Check Engine' light is on
  •  Pays for itself with one saved diagnostic fee at the shop
  •  Get Automatic maintenance reminders
  •  Works with multiple vehicles
  •  Link multiple FIXD sensors to one account and monitor vehicle health and status from anywhere
How Does FIXD Work?
Plug FIXD Into Your Car’s OBD Port
Takes less than 60 seconds and anyone can do it! No professionals needed.
(Every gas-powered vehicle 1996 or newer has an OBD port.) 
Sync FIXD With Phone
Connect FIXD to the free app on your phone using Bluetooth. Available on iOS & Android devices.
FIXD Does The Rest
Get notified of any issues with continuous monitoring, preventing $1,000s in costly repairs.
As featured in:
How FIXD Keeps Your Car Running Smoothly
Check Engine Light
Get notified when the check  engine light comes on and see how many problems were detected.
Maintenance Timeline
See the manufacturer recommended maintenance timeline for your vehicle so you know when you’re due for service.
Mileage Detection
Our algorithm determines your mileage so we can alert you when you are approaching important maintenance.
Multi-Vehicle Control
Remotely monitor the health and status of other vehicles with a FIXD sensor.
Vehicle History
See a history of problems detected in your vehicle to keep a running log.
Continuous Monitoring
FIXD will alert you if we have detected a problem with your vehicle.
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